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Felix Ramiro is a representative brand for the Spanish masculine outfit, which you can discover for yourself right here in Timișoara. Since more than two decades ago, Felix Ramiro clothing embodies the class and elegance which is expected from the modern gentleman, while also offering the versatility required by these modern times we live in.

Felix Ramiro is great with the dynamic and determined, mannered and gallant, distinguished and elegant man. By this man we stand, trustfully, in each and every important moment of his life. Whether it’s a decisive business meeting, a relaxed dinner or an extravagant event, the Felix Ramiro outfits, shoes and accessories are the ideal choice for any type of atmosphere: business, casual or ceremony.

With Felix Ramiro you’re sure to benefit from the best choices of made-to-measure and ready-to-wear men’s clothing. Especially since you have your own image and style advisor right here in the store. And for the absolute perfect fit, the Felix Ramiro made-to-measure outfits are thoroughly made in Spain, under our designer’s careful supervision, then precisely adapted to your unique physical characteristics. Have trust, gain trust!… through outfits and accessories by Felix Ramiro